Dead Palette and the Ashcan School

  • dp_ah


    Dead Palette is a writer, painter and liar.

    He is spearheading an emerging mixed media art movement, which he has named “Ashcan Horror”.     This is a new kind of reality-based horror for the Internet age, couching itself in the trappings of blogs, vlogs, articles, wiki pages and the sorts of pseudo-anonymous confessions found on forums and social media.

    In the vein of writers such as F. Scott Fitzgerald and painters such as Edward Hopper, who dealt with increasing feelings of isolation in newly-populated areas, Ashcan Horror infuses the macabre into the isolating nature of the Internet.

    Ashcan Horror exists within a new digital world of isolation and anonymity:  One where necropheliacs can openly admit their obsessions, graphic glimpses of the bizarre and grotesque immediately appear online after being caught on a camera phone, and participants in grand conspiracies can air their sins on Wikileaks.

    Dead Palette works with all these themes and more – starting with the goal of creating a setting which matches your perception of reality.   Once you have settled in to the comfort of your familiar world he slices his way inside, sewing the seeds of lies which grow to support unbelievable conclusions.   By starting within believable reality, he makes the unbelievable real.

    Your safe perception of reality will fall victim to his “firestarting”, a technique which burns down the schema within your mind, forcing you to question anything and everything.

    Making you feel weird.

    Making you feel small.

    Making you feel alone – surrounded on all sides by vacant city streets, haunted by thoughts you cannot express with words.

    Making you feel human again.

    Dead Palette is a writer, painter and liar.

    Especially a liar.

    In the end, you’ll thank him for it.  

    Trust him.